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Robert W. Schmidt And Company LLC
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Claims against the directors and officers of privately held companies come from all sides - shareholders, vendors, customers, and employees. Directors and officers are also exposed to fiduciary claims through benefits management, and dishonesty claims of employee theft. These lawsuits place enormous strain on day-to-day business and put executives' personal assets at risk.

Coverages Available:

Directors & Officers Liability
Employment Practices Liability
Fiduciary Liability


Eligible classes include, but are not limited to:

  • Accounting Firm
  • Advertising Firm
  • Artisan Contractor
  • Architect/Engineer
  • Consultant
  • Cooperative (non-residential)
  • Counseling/Rehab Center
  • Country Club
  • Day Care Center
  • Insurance Agent
  • Manufacturer
  • Membership/Recreation Club
  • Printer/Publisher
  • Property Manager
  • Real Estate Agency
  • Retail Store
  • Sales Distributor
  • School
  • Technology
  • Transportation/Trucking
Target: Firms with up to $350,000,000 and 500 employees
Capacity: $5,000,000 Directors & Officers Liability
$5,000,000 Employment Practices Liability
$2,000,000 Fiduciary Liability

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Product Advantages:

  • Separate limits of liability for directors and officers, employment practices liability and fiduciary liability coverage sections
  • Any combination of the three different coverage parts may be purchased
  • Most favorable wording for punitive, multiple and exemplary damages
  • Spousal and domestic partner liability coverage
  • Final adjudication wording for fraud and personal profit exclusions
  • Limit options starting at $500,000
  • Defense and settlement provision ("hammer clause") softened to cover 75% of defense costs and losses after insured's final refusal to consent to settle a claim
  • Full severability for individual insureds

Directors & Officers Liability Advantages:

  • Matching defense costs in addition to the limit up to $1,000,000
  • Lifetime occurrence reporting provision for former directors and officers
  • Automatic coverage extension for outside directorship activities
  • Order of payments on behalf of individual insureds then the insured organization
  • Broad definition of claim, including monetary, non-monetary and injunctive relief
  • Broad definition of employee, including independent contractors, volunteers and interns
  • No-rescindable Side A coverage available by Endorsement
  • Coverage for claims from former directors and officers, but only if the claim does not result from wrongful acts during their tenure of service to an insured
  • Retention starting at $0

Employment Practices Liability Advantages:

  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) - $100,000 sub-limit for defense costs and loss
  • Defense outside the limit if the insured has up to 200 employees with a $500,000 limit or higher
  • Broad definition of claim, including any written notice received by an insured that any person or entity intends to hold such insured liable
  • "For" wording applies to bodily injury/property damage exclusion
  • Defense costs coverage for breach of express employment contract and modification of real property for ADA compliance
  • Retaliation carve-backs for many exclusions
  • Third-party harassment included automatically
  • Retention starting at $1,000

Fiduciary Liability Advantages:

  • Broad definition of claim, including any written notice received by an insured that any person or entity intends to hold such insured liable
  • Coverage for such penalties under section 502 (i) and 502 (I) of ERISA and civil penalties under HIPAA's privacy laws
  • Broad definition of loss
  • Coverage for IRS voluntary settlement program

Business Resource Center:
Provides centralized access to business solution vendors for all policyholders. Solutions include:

  • Human Resource Services
  • Pre-Employment and Tenant Screenings
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Marketing Resources


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